Thursday, August 8, 2013

We are tucked in our new home & love it!

Here is Bob getting some coaching from one of the incredibly helpful Guaranty folks. Bob is looking at the best way to pull Shak3 ( our new home) and park it into a very tight place. And what a job he did- he drives it like a pro:)

We have been parked in Guaranty's parking lot since Monday getting the kinks out. We headed out to a local campground today so we could experience the "whole enchilada" on our own. We drove in and Bob parked Shak3 like a pro again in a pretty tight spot. We got everything hooked up and are settling  in. We will be hanging around until Saturday for a RV 101 workshop that Guaranty offers for free. How perfect !

Still in shock -

Bettina & Bob

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