Thursday, September 5, 2013

And bears oh my:)

We are spending a few hours in Enterprise to do laundry, download email and have Mexican for lunch. Here are a few highlights from the past week.

The days are just packed- fence repairs & boundary markers have been keeping us hopping! Big beautiful skies- sunrise and sunsets are amazing.

The Barn Swallows are fledging all around us! Here are a few ...

We took a day off and took the truck on an incredible journey! We explored the TNC Clear Lake Ridge Property- it is extremely remote. The truck's 4 wheel drive system got a work out & we saw a mama and her 3 cubs and our first Goshawk (no photo) and great looks at 2 Ferruginous Hawks.

One of the cubs was out of my view to the right

What a sight- this amazing Ferruginous Hawk!

Amazing views from Cat's Back

Mountain Bluebird and Vesper Sparrow hanging out

What canyons! A bit smokey this day

Surviving at altitudes builds character

Family of Chukars cross the line

Eastern Kingbirds are following us:)

Ruffed Grouse

Juvenile Ruffed Grouse in the Elderberry Bush

Local color

We were marking trails and came upon a heard of 300+ elk! Here are a few relics we came upon.

We are getting some much needed rains. It is wonderful- the skies open up for an hour and then the sun comes back out and every thing smells so new and sagey. 

One morning we came upon a Great Horned  Owl hunting mice in the barn- you are either hunting or being hunted out here.

 On our walk behind the camp this evening we came across an incredible family of Rock Wrens- we think we counted 12 in all!!

 We continuously count  10-15 American Kestrels and an occasional Northern Harrier everywhere we go- there are so many grasshoppers.

Northern Harrier

Kestrels below

We had 10 migrating Common Nighthawks fly over us in camp tonight. There is so much wild life around us;)

Wow- today we hiked into some of the most beautiful wild country to post boundary signs

So remote and wild that instead of a Super Highway we were on a Pooper Highway- with bear scat ALL around us. 

We did not see a bear but we did see some great birds along the canyon as we  walked out. This Gray Flycatcher is a new bird for us :

We have seen the Eastern Kingbird a few times since we have been here- but this is the best look.

It seemed to like our energy. It was getting pretty windy but it just hung on to this branch and posed.

Big skies below:

Another beautiful day on the prairie ~


P.S. Shak3 is amazing! Really feels like home- we continue to learn more and more about the systems. The silent champion is our solar system by Go Power that keeps everything running.

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