Sunday, June 22, 2014

Back in La Grande Oregon and Greeted by a Pleasant Surprise

When we were in La Grande in April, on our way to Malheur NWR, we were camping in the Northwoods Manufacturing (the manufacturer of our fifth-wheel)  parking lot. It ends up there are open fields and old trees around the area. We had a pair of Swainson's Hawks on the fence right next to our spot. We were fortunate to actually see them mate- right on the fence next to our spot. Here is one of the adults from April. We suspect they have been mating here long term.

Upon our arrival to Northwoods yesterday we were greeted by 3 Swainson's Hawks flying in the sky above our spot. One is an obvious immature! Yeah- success!!

Adult Swainson's Hawk seen yesterday.

We had a wonderful day birding along the Grande Ronde River that flows through La Grande today.

This Tree Swallow was busy feeding babies:)

This American Robin was enjoying a cherry in between feedings.

This male American Kestrel was also enjoying a meal in-between feedings. It is obvious many adult birds are busy feeding their young.

This MacGillivray's Warbler was busy defending his territory. We imagine he must have a nest in the area.

We saw 3 different Calliope Hummingbirds along the river. The males were all sitting on top of trees spaced out approximately 50 yards apart defending their territories. These are the smallest hummingbirds in North America.

This Spotted Sandpiper was communicating with its mate upstream.

This Red-naped Sapsucker looks like he is collecting food for the brood.

The world is full of beauty and wonder,

Turtle and Hawk

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