Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby birds everywhere-oh my!

The heat wave in the Rogue Valley has ended for awhile so we took advantage of the cooler temperatures Sunday morning and went for a bird walk in North Mountain Park. We were greeted by a park full of baby birds everywhere! See photos below:) We even had a few warblers: 2- MacGillivray's- 1 Wilson's & we think a skulkingYellow Warbler.

American Crows- they have been showing their young the ropes

Barn Swallows are kept busy feeding their babies

This little Robin was sitting tight waiting for it parent

This Robin had too many berries to fly:)

A Black Phoebe watching for some bugs

Black-headed Grosbeak feeding on the ground

I just love these little Bushtits

This is an adult California Towhee that nested in the park

Cedar waxwings in the park- one of the most beautiful birds. This guy is all puffed up about something:)

I think this is a Brown-headed Cowbird juvenile and a Black-headed Grosbeak. The Cowbird was chasing the Grosbeak in the air. Maybe the Grosbeak raised the Cowbird? You can see the Grosbeak's bill is filled with berry juice.

Little Black-tailed Deer fawn

Beautiful male House Finch

I love these Northern Flickers - this is a male Red-shafted subspecies- one of the most colorful of the woodpeckers

Another shot of a Red-shafted Northern Flicker male

Wow! This is a juvenile Rufous Hummingbird taking a break- they migrate to Central America

What a cutie- this little juvenile Song Sparrow is following its parent

The juvenile Western Scrub Jays were all figuring out the "food thing"
This guy has a big plum that it is not quite sure how to eat:)

This little Scrub Jay found the blackberry bush- what a feast

This Jay thinks he owns this bush

He can't decide where to start....

We were very fortunate to have this beautiful Sunday morning in the park. Today the valley is filled with smoke from various forest fires. We need rain:)

In Joy~

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