Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It is really happening!!

The pieces are all coming together like a well orchestrated symphony. The past few weeks have been very full of stress dealing with the details of the solar system, water filters, surge protection and more! After doing so much research on each component of the RV operating systems, all of sudden we had the realization that what we had ordered was for one reason or another not exactly what we wanted....so....we are only doing this once and we wanted to get it right. In the past few weeks we set about researching solar systems, water filters, batteries, and surge protectors-- all very critical components of the operating system. With the fifth wheel due any day now we made some even more informed decisions and crossed our fingers.

Everything is here as of today. Bob almost broke his back trying to pick up the 6V AGM batteries. We will be using a dolly to move those to the truck. We are packing up the truck and taking all of these components up to our RV dealer in Junction City for installation next week....the service installers in Junction City will know me very well by the time this is over:)

Keeping you posted as we watch the plan unfold...

B & B

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