Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bob's big 50th & more great news!

We celebrated Bob's birthday by taking the bikes up to Diamond Lake- what a gem. It is a mountain lake with an 11 mile bike path that takes you the entire way around the lake. We took off in the morning and headed up 62 towards Diamond Lake which takes you along the Rogue for much of the drive. We stopped in Prospect and found a really great RV park that we will probably stay at while we get our feet on the ground. It sits right along the Rogue River and is right next to the trails that follow the Rogue.
The temperatures were delightful after leaving the 100 degrees in Ashland. We then continued our drive to Diamond Lake. Wow- it is beautiful. We could not believe we had been driving by there for years with out venturing in. At least we have found it now.
We only made it 4 miles due to the fact we had to keep stopping because there was so much bird activity. Lots of Violet-green swallows, we had a group of Robins mobbing a Red-shouldered hawk. Lots of baby Robins crying for their food. At one spot we had an Osprey flying over our heads with flycatchers, warblers, Western Tanagers and an unidentified sparrow. We can't wait to camp there!! As you can see the wildflowers were pretty amazing as well.

On our drive home we got word that our fifth wheel is now at the dealer in Junction City and it will be ready for our walk through on Wednesday the 31st!! OMG! We will camp on site for 2-3 nights until we feel we have a thorough understanding of how everything works and are confident that everything is in working order. We are on our way:)

Ciao for now,


PS- we topped the day of with a small celebration at our local Irish Pub:)

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